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My book, The Final Touch, a complete course in gunstock checkering, has proven to be a success, and is now in its second printing.

For more information, please go to the Checkering Book page.

I make custom, one-of-a-kind gunstocks to your order. I make both rifle and shotgun stocks, including stocks for single-shot rifles and side-by-side and over-under shotguns.

I do not do restocking of "everyday" guns, preferring instead to concentrate my efforts on the creation of special projects. Iíve found that, not having time to do it all, I needed to make a choice, and decided to stay with the work that is the most rewarding.

I will work with your wood, or mine. I keep on hand a large inventory of carefully selected walnut blanks in the higher grades, both 2-piece shotgun and rifle. I use thinshell walnut, (English, French, Turkish), but will work with American Black Walnut when appropriate, if the wood is of high quality. Older American side-by-sides is one area where black walnut is appropriate.

If the decision is made to use your wood, it must be air-dried a minimum of 3 years before it can be used in order to ensure dimensional stability. The wood in my inventory is not offered for sale until the three-year requirement is met, and if allowed to season two to three years additionally, so much the better.

Winchester Model 70
I do not sell guns or supply actions, but will work with you to locate whatever you need.

I work with barrel makers, metal and bluing specialists, and engravers, each doing his part to ensure the highest quality possible for your custom rifle or shotgun.

Prices quoted include full coverage 24 line-per-inch checkering, in point pattern or fleur-de-lis. Complicated ribbon style checkering patterns will be extra, as quoted.

leather covered pad
Other extra cost options include skeleton gripcaps and buttplates, 2 screw pedestal sling studs, barrel band sling stud, and ebony or African blackwood forend tip. I also offer leather covered recoil pads.

Owning and shooting a custom gun is not for everybody, but for those who choose to take an active part in designing and creating that "one special gun", made exactly as envisioned, the rewards and satisfaction are tremendous.

I look forward to working with you.